Weight-Loss Motivation


You can lose the weight! Get motivated and stay motivated with our best weight-loss strategies and our favorite reader tips for weight-loss motivation.

How to Crush Your Resolutions and Be Your Personal Best This Year

Make this your year of personal bests with these tools and tricks to help you achieve ~ any ~ goal.

Aly Raisman Took Time to Spread Some Body-Positivity at the VMAs Last Night

The decorated Olympian shared a picture with two Victoria’s Secret models to show that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

Polish Olympian Sells His Silver Medal to Help a 3-Year-Old Boy Battle Cancer

A Polish discus thrower put his silver Olympic medal up for auction to help a little boy in need of proper cancer treatment.

Your Workout Is Actually Making You Crave a Doughnut

Apparently we’re programmed to reach for a sugary treat post-sweat.

The Surprising Thing That Will Up Your Fitness Game

Feeling like you have purpose in life can make your sweat sessions more effective, says a new study.

This App Pays You to Work Out (Yes, This Is Real Life)

Get paid to lose weight? Sure, that’ll do just fine.

Weight-Loss Apps That Could Make You Money

When you’re looking for an extra kick of motivation, there’s nothing that’ll do it quite like cash. So download these apps that have you quite literally betting on your success.

These Fitspo Quotes Are All the Monday Motivation You Need

We know, Mondays are hard. These quotes will make getting out of bed and crushing your workout just a little bit easier. You got this!

Amazing New Fitness Program Uses Homeless Dogs to Help People Get In Shape

Filed under: Your mushy news fix for the day.

Yes, This Is Real: Woman Invents a Wine Workout

Because it’s wine o’clock somewhere!

The 10 Phases of Hitting the Gym After the Holidays

No matter if you’re a seasoned regular or a “New Year’s resolution” beginner, everyone can relate to the pain and frustration that is the gym in January.

Move It! Scientifically Proven Ways to Get Motivated

Setting goals is a big step—but it’s only the first one. Now comes the tough part: how to get motivated to fulfill them.

10 Things Every Fit Girl Thinks on Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! But that doesn’t mean it’s time to slack off. There’s room to have your eggnog and burn major calories too.

"I Have No Time!" and Other Workout Excuses, Busted

Excuse after excuse—the “free passes” we give ourselves for opting out of a workout (again!) are seemingly endless, but enough is enough.

10 Cats GIFs That Summarize Your Workout Pain

Sometimes busting your butt at the gym feels awesome (hurts. so. good.). Other times, not so much. One way to ease the pain when you’re feeling over it? Cats.

13 Thoughts You've Had Before a 7 A.M. Workout

It’s hard to remember the benefits of working out when you’re slamming your fist against your alarm clock at 6:30 a.m.

Weight-Loss Motivation: 9 Reasons to Reach Your Weight-Loss Goals

You know you’d be healthier at a healthy weight (duh), but weight-loss motivation is all about keeping specific benefits in mind. Here’s what you can look forward to once you drop pounds.

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