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All the weight-loss tips and tricks we've got, from expert diet strategies, to lessons from the French. (Seriously, how do they stay so skinny while drinking wine and eating so much cheese? Answers below!) Plus weight-loss questions and answers from FITNESS readers.

Burn Off Those Holiday Splurges

12 guilt-free ways to enjoy the season’s treats.

Good-for-You Holiday Desserts

A few favorite holiday treats pack some surprising health benefits. Here’s why you can enjoy a slice of your favorite goodie guilt-free.

Party-Proof Your Diet

The holidays are a scary time for dieters, but you can stick to your diet though Thanksgiving and Christmas.

No More Excuses: 18 Ways to Stick to Your Goals

Forgot to pack your sports bra? Stuck eating office takeout? When life throws your healthy plans for a loop, these smart moves will get you back on track.

8 Easy Ways to Burn Off Those Halloween Treats

So what if you sneak a few mini candy bars from your trick-or-treaters’ stash or grab a handful of M&Ms when you pass the office Halloween bowl? You can burn ’em off in no time with these strategies.

End the Yo-Yo Diet Cycle

Tired of watching your weight go up and down (and up again)? Here’s how to ditch diets forever and get happy, healthy, and body confident.

Hungry for More: How to Manage Post-Workout Cravings

When working out seems to only work up a bigger appetite, learn how to strike the right balance between the calories you take in and those you burn.

Bump Up the Burn!

16 sneaky (easy) ways to blast extra calories every single day without ever hitting the gym.

Supercharge Your Metabolism!

Burn more calories 24/7 (even while you sleep!) with our metabolism-boosting plan.

Recharge Your Exercise Motivation

Don’t let the mental hurdles standing between you and the body you want block your weight-loss progress.

Make Over Your Motivation

Having a motivation meltdown? Follow our plan to keep cruising toward your diet and fitness goals.

Weekend-Proof Your Diet

You work too hard at losing weight to let the weekend blow your diet.

Make Over My Diet

When life gets busy, healthy eating is often the first thing to go, as these four women found out. Follow our simple strategies for staying on track no matter what your day brings.

Stay-Trim Tricks of the Trade: What Diet & Fitness Experts Eat

Diet and fitness pros aren’t just naturally slim. Conquer any diet challenge with the weight-loss secrets and superfoods that trainers, doctors, and other experts swear by.

Eat, Drink, and Still Shrink

Trim the tree and your waistline this holiday season with our fixes for every fattening situation.

FITNESS Magazine's Favorite Weight-Loss Blogs

Get your fitness fix online with our favorite weight-loss blogs.

Are Your Friends Making You Fat?

Your BFF could also be your BDD (biggest diet downfall). Here’s how to break the pal-pig-out cycle.

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