Are Keratin Treatments Good for People Who Sweat a Lot?


Once Keratin Has Set

Once your keratin treatment has set, there's no need to worry about sweating. When you work out, pull your hair into a ponytail to keep it off your face. Otherwise, you should be just fine. Ladies who were used to sweat ruining their styles should notice marked results — sweaty hair will dry without frizzing. This factor makes keratin treatments ideal for ladies whose sweating sometimes leads to uncontrollable hair.

Advanced Formulas

If you don't think you can keep from sweating for up to four days, ask your stylist about an advanced formula that only takes 24 hours to set. These formulas are made for coarser hair textures, so consult with your stylist first. If advanced formulas aren't for you, and you can't avoid sweating for four days, wait it out for 24 to 48 hours instead. The longer your keratin treatment sets, the less wavy your hair will be. Leaving yours in for a shorter time will still reduce frizz but leave a bit of wave. To rinse your treatment out, simply shampoo.